A major, sports-luxury automaker and emblem of engineering prowess.

The Challenge

To support its BMW Connected car platform, the company needed a clear vision for its mobile experience and needed it fast—in time for CES. BMW wanted to give drivers a seamless experience from the car, to a device, at work and in the home. The company also sought to show a cutting-edge proof of concept that could “wow” the world.

Our Solution

Manifest partnered with BMW product engineering teams using an Agile prototyping process and delivered the project from scratch within record time! BMW impressed CES crowds and media with a harmonious, connect-to-anywhere app that became the heart of the BMW Connected platform. BMW demonstrated how the app could even integrate with a mirror at home to display content elegantly within the home. “Wow” is right.

Experience mobile app features designed by Manifest for the BMW Connected Platform
Design concepts for the mobile app at the heart of the BMW Connected Platform
The mobile app at the heart of the BMW Connected Platform displayed on a smart watch.
Design concepts for the UX of the BMW Connected Platform's mobile app on a smart watch
Man experiencing the BMW Connected Platform in his kitchen.



The shipping company in the unmistakable brown trucks.