Customizing the Customer Journey with Content and Technology

Pairing personalization platforms, such as Acquia Lift on Drupal, with compelling content helps businesses stay current in a changing marketplace.

In 2013, 71 percent of best-in-class B2B content marketers were customizing their content, HubSpot reported.

Today, that number has soared beyond 90 percent.

Now more than ever, consumers demand relevant personalized content, or they aren’t interested. Marketers across industries have taken note and are recognizing the value of such experiences—be they Amazon’s “top picks for you,” personalized budgeting recommendations from a bank or contextual geotargeted ads.

But in this landscape, the majority of organizations still either lack a content strategy or make do with one that is incomplete, a recent report by Forbes Insights and PwC found.

These organizations’ greatest challenges are around technology and content creation, the report stated.

Creating a custom customer journey, then, might seem unreachable.

Technology for Personalization

As Matt Egol, chief strategy officer at PwC’s Digital Services, said: “Personalization needs more than just great creativity to make content more engaging. It requires analytics, technology and new ways of working that stretch the culture.”

Enter platforms such as Acquia, a cloud platform for Drupal users, which are making personalization possible for brands like never before.

Now available for Acquia users is Lift, a service that leverages the power of content and customer data from many sources, enabling a consistent personalized experience across multiple digital environments.

With Manifest as a 2017 Acquia Partner of the Year, we leverage this platform for our clients. With Lift, clients can track customer behavior across every touch point as users make the jump from anonymous visitor to loyal fan, serving up increasingly relevant content all the while.

Creating Content

The second concern marketers cite is creating original content, which is also where agencies like Manifest can step in. (Technology without compelling, authentic content doesn’t lift anything.)

Tapping audience insights and best practices, we solve the challenge with a data-driven library of content personalized for audience needs.

When paired with technology, this content results in smarter marketing investments and more meaningful results, for brands and customers alike.