5 Questions with Manifest’s Didi Gluck

Her personal obsessions can’t help but play out well for brands—as they’re both things that regularly go viral.

Title: Content director, NYC Studio

Last Job: Deputy editor, Beauty and Lifestyle, Shape magazine

#1. What’s one secret that reveals a lot about how you work?

Fewer things give me greater pleasure than reaching zero messages in my email inbox.

#2. We’re audience-obsessed. What’s your obsession?

It’s a split between clothing … and cats.

#3. What’s the best way to start a conversation?

Raise your hand. I’m serious about this. I’ve been known to make my kids do this at the dinner table.

#4. What drew you to your profession?

I love stories—hearing them, telling them, writing them, reporting on them, making them up, you name it.

#5. What’s your favorite “no, way!” moment?

When I had my first child.