5 Questions with Andrew Steger

This editor savors the opportunity to explore and make his own experiences.

Your Name: Andrew Steger

Your Title: Editor, D.C. Studio

Your Last Job: Social media manager, SAIC

#1. What would a friend say is “unmistakable” about you?

Probably my mustache.

#2. Share one secret that reveals a lot about how you work.

Anyone who knows me probably doesn’t think this is much of a secret, but everything I interact with on a daily basis must be neatly organized, whether those things exist in a physical or digital space.

With my desk, I try to keep it minimally set—monitor, keyboard, mouse, black-and-white calendar—eliminating distractions and creating a work environment that’s conducive to productivity.

I take a similar approach with my phone, which is organized for maximum functionality. I’ve limited my homepage to only productivity applications—calendar, maps, calculator—with all nonproductive apps hidden in folders on the second page.

My computer is much the same. The desktop is completely clean except for one or two frequently accessed documents. And for files, each one that I create or download has a name and a place (typically in the cloud so it’s accessible via any device).

I can’t stand wasting time searching for files, especially when time is of the essence. It may seem like a lot of work to maintain, but once the file structure is built, it’s a breeze (and saves me ample headaches).

#3. What inspires you creatively?

Really anything that’s aesthetically pleasing. While I’m extremely fond of minimalism, I’m more so inspired by work that can make me feel something: photographs, architecture, music, websites.

I enjoy finding new artists, musicians or brands that have taken a unique approach in creating an immersive experience for their audience.

#4. How do you define innovation?

Where inventions typically relate to discoveries or products of the imagination, I would describe innovation as a continuous attempt to seek enhanced performance. Most innovative ideas aren’t necessarily new but rather a curation of ideas strung together in such a way that can help achieve better outcomes.

Although no matter how it’s defined, constant innovation is key to keeping the world moving forward.

#5. We’re audience-obsessed. What’s your obsession?

I’m obsessed with getting out of the house. It’s amazing how much we can learn from simply exploring the world around us, meeting new people and sharing our unique experiences. And just because people on Instagram seem to do this around the world daily, don’t think you have to travel so far to do the same.

One of my favorite activities is just exploring the city I’m in—finding new shops, restaurants or museums in neighborhoods I’ve never been to. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly times that I sit on my couch and watch Netflix most of the day. But generally, I would rather make my own experiences.

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